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Our leagues kick off NEXT WEEK! Sign up now to reserve your spot. We still have room for our TUESDAY and FRIDAY mixed leagues! See below for more details:


Initial League Fee: $35 per person

Weekly Greens Fees: $17 per person

League Begins: Play will begin Tuesday, May 19

Players team up in a two person scramble, with handicap, and compete against a different team each week. Every week will include updated standings, a 50/50, and proximities on both nines. The league will last 18 weeks and is split season with a midway champion and season’s end champion. We will end the year with an 18 hole event, banquet, and league prizes!


Initial League Fee: $35 per person

Weekly Greens Fee: During covid, greens fees will be $17 + $2 for skins and $2 for Blind Bogey Draw.  After covid, we will go back to $2 for skins and $2 for a special event hole. End of year outing will be $25 and include a meal plus prizes.

League Begins: Signup by Wednesday May 20. Play will begin Friday, May 22

League Meeting: There will be NO league meeting

Players team up in a two person scramble, with full handicap, and compete against a different team each week. Every week will include updated standings, skins ($2 entry), and event holes ($2 entry). The league will play 12 Weeks. May 22, 29, June 5, 12, 26, July 10, 17, 24, 31 and August 7, 14, 21 with an 18 hole year end outing August 28.

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Memorial Day is Around the Corner!

We want to honor the heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve for our country! On Monday May 25, Veterans, Active Duty Military and First Responders play FREE!


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Updated COVID-19 Information:

1.  Tee times are required – Online or by phone
2.  Payment in advance is preferred to avoid delays at check-in
3.  For normal, healthy foursomes, two carts will be allocated to the foursome.  Someone may have to walk to achieve appropriate social distance.  If there are reasons someone can not walk, we will provide additional carts upon request.
4.  Check-in will occur just outside the front door or near the bag drop
5.  Cash may be placed in the honor box, but we will not be able to make change
6.  Golfers are being asked to remove all trash from their cart upon completion of their round and move the cart to the cart return area in order to better protect our team.
7.  Carts are being sanitized before every use.
8. Bark & Kitchen Open
9. Must Wear a Mask when checking in
10. Don’t come if you’re showing signs of symptoms
11. Alcohol now available
12. Carts now have dividers
13. Cash, Check, Credit Card available for payment
14. Please remove trash from carts

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2019 Great Reindeer Open – Two Person Scramble

Golf in December? Count us in! Join us for our 2-Person Scramble THIS Thursday, December 26!


18 Holes with a Cart
$40 Per Player / $80 Per team
$20 for Members
Includes Brat or Hot Dog
On Course Prizes
Prizes for 1st place, 4th place and every 3 places after
Optional Skins Game
11:00 am Registration
Noon – Tee Off

We’re OPEN for Play!

Yes, it’s true! We will be open for play Thursday, December 26. Book your tee times online below!

Purchase Membership before December 31, 2019, and receive $100 Food and Beverage credit.*

*Available for full week memberships only.


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The Rules of Golf are tricky! Thankfully, we’ve got the guru. Our Rules Guy knows the book front to back. Got a question? He’s got all the answers.

On a short par 3 over water, the tee box was placed with an overhanging tree on the line to the pin. I moved the left tee marker a few feet so that the tee shot could be hit without obstruction. This was done before everyone teed off — in fact, my opponent played first and I hit second. What is the correct penalty? This has sparked a huge debate in my men’s league. —JASON WRIGHT, VIA E-MAIL

If you notice that tee markers are poorly placed, are you allowed to adjust their position before play begins? Our expert has the answer.

Jason, the fact that you ask what the penalty is — rather than if there’s a penalty — suggests you know you’ve done wrong … and you have. (Admitting that you have a problem, however, is the first step toward recovery of your honor.)

Tee markers are fixed — yes, even poorly positioned ones. Under Rule 8.1a, if you move one to gain a potential advantage by improving the conditions affecting the stroke, you must take the general penalty, which is two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. (Other players could likewise be subject to penalty if they knowingly took advantage of your maneuver.)


By Stacy Lewis
This might go against your instinct when you’re in a bunker with a high lip, but the last thing you want to do is try to help the ball over the lip. When you try to force it up and over, it almost always comes out lower and slams into the face. Instead, do what I do.
First, try this drill. The biggest difference between hitting out of a normal bunker and one with a high lip is the amount of sand you need to take. To get the ball up quickly, your club should strike a lot more sand, and this drill will help teach you how much. Draw a circle in the bunker about four inches in diameter around your ball. Now get in your address position, playing the ball off your front foot. Before swinging, pick the ball up so all that’s left is the circle. We’ll get back to that, but first, two more things about address: Dig your feet in so you have a solid base, and open the face of your wedge before gripping the club. I know opening the face can freak out some amateurs, but don’t be scared. In a bunker, your wedge is designed to work when it’s open like this. In fact, you should keep the face open throughout the shot.
Now here’s a key thought: When you swing, think about putting your hands into your left pocket as you come through. You can see me swinging toward my left pocket here. This forces the club to exit low, left and open, and cutting across the ball like this helps get it up quickly.
Back to the goal of the drill. I want you to make the circle disappear. To do that, you’re going to have to hit the sand a few inches behind where the ball would be, and swing through it with some effort. That’s the feeling you want moving through the sand in a high-lip situation. Practice the circle drill with my swing thought of getting into that left pocket, and you’ll make this shot a lot easier than it looks. — with Keely Levins
Stacy Lewis is a 12-time winner on the LPGA Tour, including two majors.
Source: Golf Digest
By Keely Levins
When you’re practicing your short game, are you just dropping a bunch of balls and hitting the same chip, with the same club, over and over? Be honest—a lot of people do it. But what it leads to on-course is you just grabbing that trusty club and trying to make it work for whatever shot you may have. Golf Digest’s Chief Digital Instructor Michael Breed says it’s not the right tactic. “Limiting yourself to one technique around the greens won’t lead you to success,” says Breed.
Instead, put your focus on evaluating the situation at hand. Ask yourself a few basic questions: How far do I want the ball to fly? How far do I want the ball to run out? How fast is the green?
If you have a ways to hit it and a lot of green to work with, Breed says to grab a mid-iron, like your 7-iron. Use a smaller swing and let the ball come out low and run. This type of shot will lead to a lot more success than grabbing that 56-degree wedge you love so much, taking a half-swing at it and trying to get it to fly and stop near the hole.
If there isn’t much between you and the green, you’re going to need to hit a shot that goes higher than the bump-and-run, and that lands softly. Breed has a few moves that make this scary shot easy: First, open the clubface — it’ll get you more loft and launch the ball with more trajectory. Next, stand farther away from the ball than you usually would. This will help you get it up in the air. And finally, as you come into impact, the handle swings through staying close to your lead thigh as the clubhead whizzes by and hits the ball.
These tips are just a small part of a larger video series hosted by Breed called Michael Breed’s Playbook which you can access here. There are three lessons in the series, covering how you should practice your driving, your short game, and putting so that when you’re on the course, you’re ready to find the fairway, knock it close and make the putt.
Source: Golf Digest