2019 Information Coming Soon!

Tuesday Fall Mixed League

September 4 – October 16  (7 Weeks!)

Two  Person Scramble League

Cost: $20 League dues to cover prizes paid to league winner and one random draw

Weekly Skins Game $4 per team | Weekly Proxy $4 per team

2018 Tuesday Fall League Rules

  1. League Tee Times start at 4:30 (May start on open holes, modified shotgun).
  2. If you are not able to play during the league time, you need to pre-play the match with your scheduled opponent(or with other witness) and turn your score card into the clubhouse prior to
  3. Ghost teams – If the total number of teams is not even we will use ghost teams. You need to
    play against the ghost team.
  4. Scoring – There are 20 points available each week. 2 points per hole and 2 points for total
  5. Handicaps will be calculated the best 3 of your last 5 rounds at 100% of your score above or below par.
  6. Winter rules may be used anywhere on the golf course.
  7. There is a two stroke penalty for hitting your opponent’s ball
  8. Lost ball – Out of Bounds is a one stroke penalty and you may drop where you think the ball is lost or where it went out of bounds
  9. We will play unless the course is unplayable or it is unsafe
  10. You are responsible to find a sub if you want your team to earn points
  11. Tee Boxes – Men play from the white; ladies play from the green; Senior Men (over 60) play from the gold; Super Senior Men (over 70) green, and senior ladies(over 60) orange.
  12. We will use the Golf League Network for scoring and league information.

Questions?  Call 616-225-4653.

If you are interested in playing, please fill out the contact form below!

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